Compliance and Integrity

Porsche Holding has worked to achieve its outstanding reputation during the 60 years of its existence in over 20 European countries, in China and in South America. Social responsibility and a high standard of ethics have made Porsche Holding what it is today: the most successful automotive distributor in Europe.

As a company with operations around the globe, to Porsche Holding compliance means that its employees not only abide by current law but also adhere to a set of moral principles that go beyond merely observing the law. These principles have been set down in the company's own Code of Conduct. Naturally they apply to all levels of the Group and to all countries where Porsche Holding operates, meaning that this Code of Conduct is also implemented within Porsche Finance Group Romania companies: Porsche Leasing Romania IFN SA, Porsche Bank Romania SA, Porsche Mobility SRL, Porsche Versicherungs AG Salzburg Sucursala Romania , Porsche Broker de Asigurare SRL.

Our Principles

Porsche Holding is committed to observing all laws and internal regulations and to act as a responsible business partner and member of our society. This of course includes our steadfast commitment to correct principles and policies.

What is Compliance?
Compliance means observing all applicable laws, regulations and internal rules. Compliance defines the legal framework and aims at preventing infringements before they happen.

What is Integrity?
Integrity means doing the right thing on the basis of one's own personal conviction - acting responsibly for the company, business partners and as a member of our society.
This is why integrity and compliant conduct are not only things our company aspires to - we rather consider integrity and compliance to be essential components of our corporate culture.

Porsche Bank AML Questionnaire

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