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Direct Debit

What is Direct Debit?

- a service dedicated to Porsche Bank customers, which helps you pay the instalment without effort, on time

- the operation is completely automatic and implies no costs

How does it work

- we transfer the money from the account you chose to the account opened at Porsche Bank. You just have to make sure you have the full account available

- all transactions will be made within the established term and value - we transfer only the amount representing the value of the credit rate and only on the due date


- you sign one time, one paper

- the money is transferred to your account in Porsche Bank

- you have access to the money at any time

- regardless of the max. limit specified in the mandate,  only the instalment value will be drawn, any additional amounts remain on your innitial account

- you avoid payment delays


We want to reward all new direct debit customers! Therefore, if you activate the service between 20.10.2019 and 30.11.2019, you get an OMV fuel voucher. 

More details about the campaign can be found in the Terms and conditions, which you can download from here.

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