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Buy a new car in cash and benefit from 50% discount for the CASCO insurance through Porsche Asigurari!

It has never been more easy to enjoy your new car safely:


Step 1. Choose the right CASCO product.

Standard CASCO Insurance

  • covers an extended list of damages:
Extended risks covered
avarii provocate de coliziunea cu alte autovehicule, corpuri mobile sau imobile, animale
avarii cauzate de fenomene naturale
avarii provocate de autori necunoscuti
avarii provocate de incendii sau explozii
evenimente produse in cazul in care auto este condus de alte persoane decat asiguratul (cu acord)
daune provocate de caderea unor obiecte pe autovehicul
daune provocate de animale instalatiei electrice
avarii provocate de furt sau talharie
avarii produse elementelor vitrate
chei pierdute sau furate
furt total sau partial

Partial CASCO Insurance

  • perfect for customers interested in being covered for major damages only at minimum costs
Insured risks:
coliziuni cu autovehicule, in care autorul este cunoscut
incendiu si explozie
evenimente naturale (grindina, furtuna, inundatii, fulger)
caderi de zapada, gheata
avarii provocate instalatiei electrice de catre animale
coliziuni cu animale
scurt circuit
elemente vitrate cu exceptia parbrizului
caderi de obiecte pe masina
chei furate sau pierdute
Risks not covered:
coliziuni cu autovehicule, in care autorul este necunoscut (avarii in parcare)
coliziuni cu obiecte, biciclete, atelaje
avarii la parbriz (se despagubeste reparatia)
avarii provocate caroseriei de muscaturi/zgarieturi de animale
avarii produse exclusiv la jante si anvelope

Regardless of the chosen CASCO product, you benefit from the following:

  • ONLINE damage notification - simple, through a friendly, mobile responsive interface.
  • included road assistance, with national and international coverage 
  • coverage throughout Europe, regardless of the MTPL insurer
  • direct expense settlement with our authorised dealer workshops, so you can pick up your car as soon as the repair works are done

Step 2. You enjoy your car safely! YOU pay the first 2 quarterly premiums and we take care of the last two. 

The promotion is valid for new cars bought in cash, insured through Porsche Asigurari and delivered until 31.12.2020.