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3% Financial Bonus

It's time to choose a used car and take advantage of our Classic Financial Leasing special offer which comes with: 

  • 3% Financial Bonus if the CASCO insurance is signed with Porsche Insurance
  • 2% Financial Bonus regardless of the insurer chosen from our portfolio

And if the chosen car is one of the brands sold by Volkswagen concern and your CASCO is from Porsche Insurance, your advantages are higher 

  • for under a year cars you have a 14% discount on the CASCO premium!
  • for above a year cars you have a 8% discount on the CASCO premium

Calculation Example

Monthly instalment: 382 EUR CASCO and VAT included for a car worth 18.700 EUR (T-Roc Design 1.0 TSI 115 CP) with 3% financing bonus deducted, downpayment 4.675 EUR (25%), contract duration 48 months, fixed interest rate EUR 6,19%, financed volume 14.025 EUR, DAE financing 8,47%, DAE total (financing & CASCO) 19,52%, management fee 379 EUR, file analysis fee 179 EUR, total amount payable 24.508 EUR. All values include VAT, CASCO insurance through Porsche Asigurari..

*The offer is valid until 31.08.2019 exclusively for used car sold by the Das Weltauto network, aged under 7 years at the time of the offer and financed through Classic Financial Leasing with a minumum contract duration of 24 months.