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3% Financial Bonus

It's time to choose a used car and take advantage of our Classic Financial Leasing special offer which comes with: 

  • 3% Financial Bonus if the CASCO insurance is signed with Porsche Insurance
  • 2% Financial Bonus regardless of the insurer chosen from our portfolio
  • Interest rates from 6,19% 

And if the chosen car is one of the brands sold by Volkswagen concern and your CASCO is from Porsche Insurance, your advantages are higher 

  • for under a year cars you have a 14% discount on the CASCO premium!
  • for above a year cars you have a 8% discount on the CASCO premium


Calculation Example

Monthly instalment: 328 EUR CASCO and VAT included for a car worth 18.700 EUR (T-Roc Design 1.0 TSI 115 CP) with 3% financing bonus deducted, downpayment 4.675 EUR (25%), contract duration 48 months, fixed interest rate EUR 6,49%, financed volume 14.025 EUR, DAE financing 8,47%, DAE total (financing & CASCO) 17,51%, management fee 379 EUR, file analysis fee 179 EUR, total amount payable 24.730 EUR. All values include VAT, CASCO insurance through Porsche Asigurari..

*The offer is valid until 31.03.2019 exclusively for used car sold by the Das Weltauto network, aged under 7 years at the time of the offer and financed through Classic Financial Leasing with a minumum contract duration of 24 months.