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La Cheie Deposit

Your advantages 

No surprise 

The interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the deposit;


If you need to, you can close the deposit before the deadline, but you will lose the cumulated interest rate


One form for more operations and a lot of communication channels

Simple closing 

Deposit and cumulated interest are paid at maturity on your current account. If you wish to send your money to another account, you can inform us from the beginning and we take care of the transfer without additional effort on your part. Taxes are deducted from the interest in accordace with legal dispozitions 

No hidden fees

0% on opening, closing, administration of the account 


* The offer is subject to terms and conditions and it is available until  30.09.2018, with a limited amount of 100.000 RON per client. 

Steps to open an account

    1. You call or send us an e-mail 

    2. We send you the form in order to sign 

    3. You credit your account, we confirm your action via e-mail and your deposit is visible in Internet Banking