Car Credit

Your car credit, directly in the showroom!


  • you are the car owner from the very beginning
  • for private individuals, the product is available in EUR, with fixed or floating interest rate, as well as in RON, with fixed interest. 
  • for legal entities/ freelancers, the product is available in EUR and RON, with fixed or floating interest rate regardless of the currency.
Private individuals Legal Entities
currency RON | EUR RON | EUR
min. downpayment 15% | 25% 15% | 15%
max. contract duration 60 months 72 months

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Car credit
Monthly credit instalment
1.412 LEI (VAT included)
22.687 LEI (VAT included)
Fixed interest rate
Car credit is a product of Porsche Bank Romania SA

Porsche Bank Romania S.A.

CUI 16489311
B-dul Pipera nr.2, cladirea Porsche
Voluntari, judetul Ilfov

Frequently Asked Questions

WHERE and HOW can you pay the car loan instalments?

Complete details regarding payment methods can be found  here.

In what currency will I reimburse the loan?

The credit will be reimbursed in the same currency in which it was granted (RON, EUR).

If you wish to reimburse a loan in a foreign currency (for example EUR), but you use RON to credit your account opened with Porsche Bank, the bank will automatically perform the currency exchange on the instalment maturity date, in the credit original currency and the loan instalment will be collected.

When should I transfer the instalment amount to my account?

The maturity schedule attached as an annex to the loan agreement specifies the maturity dates for all loan instalments. The maturity date is the one when the amount must be in your current account (opened with Porsche Bank Romania).

We recommend you take into account the fact that Porsche Bank Romania does not charge cashing fees, however there is a 1 RON fee charged by The National Bank of Romania.

Are the loan instalments fixed over the entire loan duration?

The loan instalments are fixed for the loan entire duration only if you have chosen a product with a fixed interest.

In the case of variable interest loans, the first 3 loan instalments remain unchanged, however, subsequent to the third instalment, the loan rate will remain constant/increase/decrease depending on: the EURIBOR development for 3 months for loans in EUR, the LIBOR development for 3 months for loans in CHF, and the ROBOR development, respectively, for loans in RON - and you will receive a new maturity schedule every term.