New Polo

Anniversary Promotion

All our financing products - Classic Financial Leasing, PERFECT LEASING, Car Credit and Operate Leasing- come with 4% financing bonus and multiple benefits. 

New Polo
Credit offer
Anniversary Promotion
Car credit
Monthly instalment
209 EUR VAT included
3.001 EUR VAT included (25%)
Interest rate - floating
Contract duration
48 months
Financed value
9.001 EUR
DAE Total (financing & insurance)
CASCO insurance
474 EUR annual premium Porsche Asigurari
Management fee
135 EUR VAT included
Total amount payable
15.078 EUR VAT included

Instalment calculation done for VW Polo Trendline 1.0 65 HP, price 12.002 EUR with VAT and 4% financing bonus applied. 

*The offer is subject to certain terms and conditions and addresses private individuals. For a tailored offer, please contact a Volkswagen dealer. Vehicle picture used for presentation purposes only.