Credit customer information

For quick access to information about your credit contract, you can choose one of the options below:      


(0040) 21 208 26 00

Types of information:

Administrative information
  • update contact details (registered office, mailing address)
  • general information about your credit (e.g. statements or account sheets, payment delays)
  • request for issuing documents (including CIV request)
  • early, partial repayments
How to pick up the documents

do you need documents in original? After a simple request, we provide them to you and send them by courier to the address indicated at the time of the request.

This procedure is also valid for sending CIV.

Information about your Porsche Bank account
  • activation of internet banking and direct debit
  • transactions, deposits, payments, currency exchange
  • account closure, return of remaining balance operations

Payment Methods

Starting December 1st 2021, payment at the POS terminal at our premises will no longer be possible. Other payment methods are available, full details can be found here: