Information for leasing clients (financial or operate leasing)

For quick access to information about your financial or operate lease, you can choose one of the options below:        

For financial leasing contracts - CIS / My Account selfcare platform

Through My Account platform you have 24/7 access to the information related to your contract. Also, you can find a section for quick answers to the most frequently asked questions, so that you do not encounter problems in the development of the contract.

You can download various documents directly from the platform, such as:

» copies and annexes of invoices

» account sheets, reminders

» copies of the RCA, CASCO policies 

» power of attorney for damages

» mandates for travelling outside the country borders 

» you can also activate the electronic invoicing service.

Access the My Account platform now:

Don't have access to the My Account platform yet? Activate your account now:

Additionally, regardless of the leasing contract type (financial or operate), you can contact us at any time using one of the following options:


(0040) 21 208 26 00

... for various requests, such as:

Insurance documents

  • RCA, CASCO offers
  • compensation claims

Administrative information

  • change of contact details (registered office, mailing address)
  • copies of additional documents, copies of leasing contract
  • early or late closures, assignments
  • various documents (original or copy of CIV, RAR, parking)
  • logistics information:
    • the registration status of the car
    • request for provisional or preferential numbers
    • lifting of number plates and car heel
    • car heel loss
    • information about re-registrations
    • handing over documents at the end of the contract. All you have to do is let us know the address you want us to deliver them to, and we will make sure that the documents reach you by courier.

Accounting information

  • sold confirmation
  • erroneous payments

Payment Methods

Starting December 1st 2021, payment at the POS terminal at our premises will no longer be possible. Other payment methods are available, full details can be found here: