e-mobility Mobility of the future

If you are interested in electric vehicles and charging solutions for them, we have gathered in this page information that will be useful in making the right decision.          

Are you looking to purchase an electric car or a plug-in hybrid one?

Here are a few questions that can guide you in making the right decision:          

  • How many kilometers do do you drive daily?
  • Do you have access to a charging infrastructure for electric cars? What are the public charging options you have?
  • Is the electric car an alternative?
  • What are the differences in the operating costs of each engine type (electric, plug-in hybrid, diesel or petrol?

Benefits of electric vehicles:

  • sustainability - environmentally friendly, lower CO2 emissions         
  • low cost - low operating and maintenance costs, state subsidies (eco-Ticket)

  • tax-privileged - motor-related annual vehicle tax does not apply for full electric cars and for plug-in hybrid cars the tax is 50% deducted

All the details regarding our solutions for financing electric mobility here:            

e2go the complete range of mobility solutions for electric vehicles

We have gathered under the e2go brand the advantages you have when purchasing such a vehicle through Porsche Finance Group: from financing, insurance, service packages to promotions adapted to each type of vehicle.

For more details, see our offer  here.

MOON Financing financing and insurance products adapted to MOON POWER solutions

If you want to benefit from your own charging solutions to use within your company or if you want to make charging stations available to your various clients, MOON Financing is the answer to your needs.          

Find out how you can finance your own charging infrastructure here.