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CASCO Porsche Insurance

Based on our ONE-STOP SHOP business model you can buy the insurance policy in the showroom, when you purchase the car.

Insurance Broker 

Porsche Insurance Broker helps you make the right choice in terms of car insurances for your vehicle by supplying you with trustworthy options.

The number of petitions or complaints and that of requests for alternative dispute resolution received by Porsche Insurance within the last 3 months is of 0, respectively 0.

The detailed list of these requests can be accessed here. (document available in Romanian)

In case you are among the MTPL insured parties with high risk, please check the BAAR workflow under:  https://www.baar.ro/asigurati-cu-risc-ridicat/


Alternative dispute resolution in the non-banking financial field (SAL-Fin)

As of July 19th, 2016, clients who are in a dispute with their non-banking financial products supplier can address SAL-Fin free of charge. SAL-Fin is the entity created for alternative dispute resolution in the non-banking financial field.

In case expert opinions, translations or any other additional evidence are needed, costs will fall in the responsibility of the requesting party. 

SAL-Fin procedures cand be accessed via the official website  www.salfin.ro, as well as offline, based on a written request.

Consumers can address the SAL-Fin Technical Secretary Office, which provides detailed information for all involved parties and support in filling in the needed forms.  

Consumers can choose between two types of alternative dispute resolution: 

· proposal of a resolution;

· imposing a resolution.

Consumers can access the SAL-Fin procedures only after proving that they have first tried to solve the dispute directly with the supplier. This way, the good intentions in solving the dispute between the two parties is ensured.

The request will be rejected by the Technical Secretary Office if the customer has failed to submit the request to SAL-Fin within a year from the moment in which he had submited it to the suplier, or from the date of the deed which generated the dispute or, in case of recurring deeds, from the date these have ended. 

In case the dispute does not fall within the competence of SAL-Fin, the consumer can address another SAL entity.

The forms used in the SAL-Fin procedures, as well as detailed information regarding the alternative dispute resolution, can be downloaded from the official website  www.salfin.ro, respectively from:  http://www.salfin.ro/solutionare-litigii/.

Insurance Notifications

In case of any notification regarding your insurance(s) with Porsche Insurance or Porsche Broker de Asigurare, please use the forms below to send us your feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the risk inspection?

The risk inspection is a vehicle evaluation done by the insurer consisting of taking exterior and interior pictures of the vehicle, followed by an inspection questionnaire which the insured party/ user has to fill in.

The risk inspection is compulsory in the following situations:

  • if the vehicle is second hand 

  • if during the policy validity period the insured party did not pay the insurance premiums on time and the policy has been suspended.

Any damages reported during risk inspection shall not be indemnified by the insurer.

For risk inspections please call the following phone numbers +40 21 203 19 01 or +40 755 067 003.

How do I obtain a repair mandate from my CASCO insurer in the case of a damage?

To receive the damage repair mandate, all you have to do is to access My Account - our online platform which gives you all needed information regarding your contract.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to download the mandate within minutes.

In case you cannot access My Account, please contact us at: or at: office@porschebank.ro.  

When and how must I pay the CASCO insurance?

Upon vehicle delivery the dealer will provide all financing and insurance related documents. Among these you will receive the CASCO policy and the related reimbursement plan where you will find all needed data to make the payment - deadline, the respective insurer accounts to which the payment can be made. 

We recommend submitting a copy of the payment to the dealer or directly to us.

What steps must I take to make sure that my car is CASCO insured when I leave the country?

Upon going abroad you need to have a Green Card insurance and a CASCO extension. If your MTPL and Green Card policies have been issued by the same insurer as the CASCO policy, the extension of the latter's validity is free of charge. If your MTPL and CASCO insurances have been issued by different insurers, we recommend contacting your CASCO insurer in order to find out if the extension is free of charge or involves additional costs.