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CASCO Porsche Insurance


  • available for vehicles purchased cash or financed
  • Europe-wide coverage, regardless of the MTPL insurer
  • direct expense settlement with our authorised dealer workshops
  • road assistance included with national and international coverage

Damage Notification

Find out all needed details on the Porsche Insurance damage notification procedure right here.



Porsche CASCO Road Assistance

  • Road assistance on Romanian territory includes:

  1. The vehicle transportation without any additional costs, within a limit of 200 km* (which includes the transportation to the Police office), as a result of damages, malfunctions, lost or stolen car keys. 

  2. The  transportation of passengers inside the insured vehicle, within the limit of available seats in the towing vehicle or by employing other means of transportation. At the same time, the CASCO insurance comprises the lodging expenses of the insured, as the case may be, all of which within the limit of 100 RON / person. These services are provided in case of damages, malfunctions, lost or stolen keys, vehicle theft.

* The limit is calculated for the transporter's round trip.

  • Road assistance outside the country borders includes:

  1. The transportation of the vehicles and passengers for the insured events, within the limit of 150 Eur.

The costs related to vehicle transportation and passenger lodging (as the case may be) are borne by the insurer.

Any additional costs are borne by the insured.