Porsche Finance Group Romania, the expert in the simple financing of your dream car!                                

With a local experience of over 16 years in the business of car financing and insurance, we are the only Romanian company with the full range of car services: car credit, financial leasing, operate lease, car insurance and fleet management.

Whether you are interested in a financial leasing, which ensures ownership of the car at the end of the contract, or you prefer the flexibility of operate lease, Porsche Finance Group Romania offers the complete range of products and services for car acquisition.



  • Comfortable

 You find the financing and the insurance in one place - in the showroom.

  • Transparent

You are informed of all the taxes and fees from the beginning, there are no hidden fees.

  • Promptness

We respond promptly and solve efficiently all your requests.

  • No extra worries 

We take care of the car registration for you. 

  • Easy access

You have multiple payment methods at your disposal, it's up to you to choose the most suitable one. You can choose to receive invoices exclusively via e-mail; you receive a notification via sms after each invoice is issued and you can create an online account on our website.

  • Safety

You can insure your car with Porsche Insurance. With our CASCO insurance, you can be sure that the damage procedure runs smoothly, efficiently and without unpleasant surprises.


Classic Financial Leasing

Financial leasing is a financing product that offers you usage rights on the car over the contract duration in exchange for a monthly instalment. At the end of contract, you become owner of the car. 


The same way you configure your dream car, you can now configure the financing. 

The principle behind this product is that of depreciation. Basically, you pay what you use and can afterwards buy for what it is worth.

Operate Lease

Operate lease is quite similar to a rent. You have usage rights over the car over the contract duration and at the end you return the vehicle, without having to buy it.

Classic Financial Leasing PERFECT LEASING Operate Lease
Contract duration 12 - 60 months (PF) / 12 - 72 months (PJ) 12 - 60 months 24 - 54 months
Mileage n/a at your choice at your choice
Ownership at the end of the contract Yes at your choice No
Floating interest rate Yes Yes n/a
Fix interest rate Yes Yes n/a
Financing in RON Yes No No
Financing in EUR Yes Yes Yes

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