Operate Lease

Drive the right car at the right time. Operate lease is now available for private individuals!

Our sales consultants have all the details for you.          


  • the car owner is the leasing company

  • the car remains property of the leasing company at the end of contract

  • the product is available exclusively for new cars

  • the product addresses private individuals, freelancers and legal entities
  • you pay only what you use
  • the product is available in EUR          


contract duration 24 to 54 months
2nd month rent issued in maximum 60 days after delivery
contract recalculation available after the first 12 months

The financing can be completed with fleet management services:


  • maintenance
  • tyre management
  • fuel management etc.

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between financial leasing and operate lease?

Both for financial leasing as well as for operate lease, the lessor company is the car owner over the contract duration. At the end of a financial leasing agreement, the lessee pays the residual value and becomes owner. With an operate lease contract this is not possible - the lessee has to return the car.

WHERE and HOW can you pay the operate lease invoices?

Complete details regarding payment methods can be found   here.

What is the exchange rate for lease instalment?

The exchange rate for lease instalment is the exchange rate of NBR + 1% valid on the day of the billing.

Can I purchase the vehicle after the operate lease agreement has expired?

At the end of the operate lease contract, the customer has to return the vehicle.