0% Interest Rate

Your new Audi with 0% interest rate! Pay 25% as downpayment and the rest over the contract duration! 

0% Interest Rate
Leasing offer
0% Interest Rate
Classic Financial Leasing
Monthly leasing instalment
802 EUR VAT excluded
25% (10.308 EUR VAT excluded)
Contract duration
36 months
Financed volume
30.925 EUR VAT excluded
Residual value
5 %
Fixed interest rate
DAE Financing
CASCO Insurance
not included
Management fee
615 EUR VAT excluded
File commission
150 EUR VAT excluded

Calculation was done for Audi Q5 40 TDI quattro W3, 204 CP, price without VAT 41.233 EUR. The offer is valid until 30.09.2021, it is subject to certain terms and conditions and addresses private individuals and legal entities.

For a tailored offer, please contact an Audi dealer. The car in the picture is for presentation purposes only.