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The Q of my life

The Q of my life
Leasing offer
Audi 2020 Promo
Monthly leasing instalment
493 EUR VAT excluded
15.134 EUR VAT excluded
Contract duration
48 months
Financed volume
45.408 EUR VAT excluded
Annual mileage
15.000 km
Interest rate floating
CASCO Insurance
204 EUR monthly (1 year free CASCO)
Management fee
1.226 EUR VAT excluded
File commission
150 EUR VAT excluded

Calculation was done for Audi Q7 S line 50 TDI quattro, 286 CP, price without VAT 60.536 EUR*, with 6% financing bonus deducted. The offer is valid until 15.10.2020, it is subject to certain terms and conditions and addresses private individuals and legal entities. For a tailored offer, please contact an Audi dealer. The car in the picture is for presentation purposes only.

*The price benefits from a client advantage offered by the Audi brand. Details about Audi benefits on