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Information on Personal Data Processing

We hereby inform you about the processing of your personal data and about your rights according to the Regulation (EU) 679/2016 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Law for the application of the provisions of GDPR and any other decisions that can be issued by the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Protection (Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Protectiei Datelor cu Caracter Personal - ANSPDCP) in regard to the personal data protection.

Responsibility for Data Processing

The responsibility for data processing is incumbent upon the 5 (five) legal entities within the Porsche Finance Group Romania, as controllers, namely: Porsche Bank Romania SA, Porsche Leasing Romania IFN SA, Porsche Mobility SRL, Porsche  Broker de Asigurare S.R.L. and Porsche Versicherungs AG Salzburg - Sucursala Romania.

What Personal Data Do We Process?

In view of fulfilling the processing scopes defined below, we process both personal data directly supplied by the client at the time of remitting his/her request and other personal data that were voluntarily supplied to us by the client or that we already hold within a current business relation. We also process data procured from third parties (such as, for example, public authorities or services for the setting at disposal of specialized pieces of information), as well as data that we generate ourselves based on the processing thereof. Such data can be theoretically classified into the following categories:

■       Identification data: surname, forename, gender, personal number, series and number of ID card, date and place of birth, citizenship, nationality etc.

■     Contact data: domicile/correspondence address, e-mail address, landline telephone number, mobile telephone number etc.

■     Contractual data related to the (financial) products and services purchased in regard to the identification of the financed product (e.g. unique identification services, special outfit) and supplied warranties

■    Data on the professional standing: pieces of information on the education level, profession, occupation, employer's name, nature of own activity, held public position, political exposure (if the case may be);

■    Data on the financial standing: incomes, number of individual employment agreement, number of pension file;

■    Data on the family standing: civil status, number of minor children, type of dwelling

■    Data on creditworthiness: monthly payment obligations, balance engagements, payment history and conduct,

■    Banking data: account number (IBAN), transactional details and/or history, card number

■     Vehicle identification and/or usage data: license number, chassis series, location, GPS data etc.

In certain situations, in view of fulfilling the processing scopes resulting from a request of the client, the personal data that we process, besides his/her personal data, may also pertain to the following categories of data subjects: client's principals and/or legal or conventional representatives, client's contact persons, client's attorneys-in-fact or users, co-debtors, guarantors, beneficial owners or family members, client's insurance policy beneficiaries, beneficiaries of client's payment operations. Their personal data are taken over from the documentation for the commencement and/or execution of the contractual relation with the client and Porsche Finance Group has no practical possibility to ensure a direct notification of such persons about the processing of their personal data. In this case, it is the client's responsibility to inform the concerned data subjects about the processing and scope of processing their personal data, in the relation with him/her.

We kindly ask you not to set at our disposal in the remitted documents data categories of special nature, such as, for example, data on the membership to the labour union, data on your political opinions or religious beliefs, data on your health condition etc.


Why do we process your data and on what legal ground?

To execute a contract or to accomplish pre-contractual formalities

Such as, for example: the issuance of an offer, the processing of a funding request or of an account opening application, the funding of vehicles under a lease or credit contract, the supply of insurance services, the supply of mobility products, the opening and management of current, deposit or guarantee accounts, the supply of remote services by the bank (e.g. internet banking or mobile banking), the processing of collection and payment services.

In such case, the processing is based on the execution of the contract to which you are a party and/or the necessary formalities in view of concluding the concerned contract, on your request.

To fulfill the legal obligations

We are under the legal obligation to process and store your data according to the requirements to know one's clientele by applying all measures to identify the client, as well as the client's capacity of a beneficial owner and/or politically exposed party. We are also under the legal obligation to keep the specific documentation to know the clientele according to the legislation on the prevention and control of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Your data are also processed and stored in order to fulfil the legal documentation and storing obligations: for purposes of financial and accounting management, according to the tax legislation; for purposes of internal audit or financial audit; for purposes of reporting to the authorities according to the applicable regulations; for purposes of controls and/or reply to the requests from the authorities, in view of ensuring the going concern, the data security in systems and documents, as well as physical security in our premises.

To assess your creditworthiness

In order to analyze your funding application and to issue the premium offer for the insurance policy, necessary in view of granting the products and/or services requested by you, we process you personal data, inclusively by profiling activities. For this purpose, we perform an automated processing of certain personal data of yours, by the risk profiling necessary, as the case may be, in order to assess the financial capacity and the payment conduct in case of requesting funding by lease or credit, respectively of the traffic history and traffic conduct, in case of requesting an insurance policy. The score obtained further to the profiling activity is one of the elements considered in the substantiation of our decision to grant the services. The score of the profiling activity is not an exclusive criterion to reject your application.

In this case, the processing is based on our legitimate interest to reduce the credit risk to a minimum by funding creditworthy clients (in case of lease or credit contracts) or prudently cover potential risks generated by the traffic history of the clients (in case of insurance contracts).

To fulfill the legal obligation of Porsche Bank regarding the assessment of your reimbursement capacity, before concluding the credit contract, as well as during the course of its execution, by processing, transmitting and consultation of your personal data and other information towards the Biroul de Credit S.A. The legal basis of this processing is the legitimate interest of Porsche Bank and Biroul de Credit to develop a healthy credit activity, by protecting, providing access to credit facilities and preventing excessive indebtness of data subjects, as well as by complying to the legal framework regarding creditworthiness assessment, reducing the credit risk and preventing the banking and financial system from being used for unlawful activities.

For details regarding the personal data categories processed through the system of Biroul de Credit you can address the Biroul de Credit webpage (, sections Frequent questions and / or Legal framework / Information regarding data processing in Biroul de Credit.

To report to the group we are part of (”Group”)

Based on our legitimate interest to observe the requirements of reporting and approving the financing imposed by the Group, we process your data to draft and supply reports to the Group, in Romania and in Austria, for administrative purposes, as well as to approve certain funding facilities, according to the matrix competence, if necessary according to our internal policies.

To fulfill our legitimate interests

If necessary, we process your personal data, in view of recovering receivables and in view of exerting or defending any legal rights and interests of the companies from the Porsche Finance Group, as well as in order to prevent and control fraud. The legal grounds for such processing operations are based on our legitimate interest to exert the rights we have as a result of the contractual relations with our clients.

For marketing purposes

If you wish to participate in our loyalty programs for active clients, in varied contests and tombola, satisfaction studies regarding the contracted services, receive by e-mail newsletters or varied promotional materials by mail, we need your express consent to be able to process the data for such purpose.

If you gave us your consent, you are entitled to withdraw such consent at any time, for one or for all processing operations presented above, without indicating any reason, by a written application, as follows: (i) by e-mail at the address: protectiadatelor(kwfat)porschebank(kwfdot)ro or (ii) by mail/courier at the following address: Bulevardul Pipera nr. 2, cladirea Porsche Bank, cod postal 077190, Voluntari, or (iii) directly by submittal at the headquarters of the companies from the Porsche Finance Group, at the reception desk, at the address Bulevardul Pipera nr. 2, cladirea Porsche Bank, cod postal 077190, Voluntari or (iv) by the Internet Banking applications (IB) or Customer Information System (CIS), for the users of such applications.

To what recipients or categories of recipients do we transmit your data?

In order to fulfil the itemized processing scopes, your data are remitted to the following recipients:

■     to our service suppliers, acting as processors, and strictly acting on the documented instructions received from us. The list of our suppliers is updated on a periodic basis, whenever amendments occur in its structure.

Our suppliers (303 KB)

If the case may be, your data may be also transmitted to the following recipients/categories of recipients, in order to fulfil our legal obligations, to accomplish the legitimate interests in regard to the recovery of receivables or to exert and defend our rights and interests, or if we have your consent, as follows:

■     To: Biroul de Credit S.A. - Why: The transmission, processing and consulting of the information at the Credit Office, in order to fulfill the legal obligation of Porsche Bank to assess your reimbursement capacity. With the same scope, your personal data registered in the System of Biroul de Credit are disclosed also to the other companies that are registered as Participants, by request.

■     To: The Ministry of Public Finances, the National Tax Administration Agency (Agentia Nationala de Administrare Fiscala - ANAF) - Why: Consulting and processing of the information in place in the registries of ANAF, based on your consent

■     To: Central Credit Register (Centrala Riscului de Credit - CRC (National Bank of Romania) - Why: In order to receive any bank risk information registered on your name, based on your consent

■     To: Payments Incident Register (Centrala Incidentelor de Plati - CIP (National Bank of Romania) - Why: In order to receive any bank risk information registered on your name, based on your consent.

■     To: The beneficiaries of your payments, the banks of the beneficiaries, Transfond, SWIFT  - Why: To execute the payment instructions and to fulfil the legal obligations regarding the automated offset of the interbank commercial payments

■     To: National Bank of Romania, National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (Oficiul National de Prevenire si Combatere a Spalarii Banilor) - Why: In order to fulfil the legal obligations to report, prevent and control money laundering etc.

■    To: Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property  - Why: in order to register our legal rights and interests regarding the securities set up to our benefit

■     To: Insurance companies, - Why: to issue insurance policies

■     To: Group, in Romania and Austria - Why: Obligations to report, internal audit and/or approve certain financing facilities  

■     To: Court receivers, courts of law, police, prosecutor's office etc  - Why: If necessary to defend and exert any legal rights and interests

For what period do we store your data?

We keep your data only for the duration and insofar necessary to accomplish the above scopes or if there is a legal obligation for such purpose. For data processing for which your consent is necessary, the data shall be processed and kept until the date of withdrawing the consent.

If you submitted a financing application to conclude a lease contract or a credit application, but due to varied reasons the requested contract has not been concluded, your data shall be erased from our databases after a 30-day term as of the date of registering the final resolution regarding the concerned application.

If we concluded a (lease, credit, insurance, current account and/or attached product) contract with you, then we shall observe the legal obligations to keep the relevant data and documentation, as follows:

i) to fulfil the legal documenting and storing obligations according to the legislation for the prevention and control of money laundering and terrorism financing, we shall keep the data for a period of 5 (five) years as of the termination of the contractual relations with you.

ii) the personal data of our clients that are found in any supporting documents underpinning the registrations and financial accountancy shall be kept with the archive of the companies of the Porsche Finance Group for 10 years as of the ending date of the financial year in which the supporting documents were drafted, according to the provisions from the Accountancy Law.

iii) in case of insurance policies and damage files, we shall keep your data together with the technical evidences and related accounting evidences for 10 years as of the expiry date of the policy or the finalization of the damage file respectively, according to the legal archiving obligations of the insurers.

iv) within the defence and exertion of our legal rights, your data necessary to accomplish this scope shall be stored according to the general time limitation terms.

In case of data processed within the System of Biroul de Credit, personal daa are stored and disclosed to the Participant for 4 years since the last update date, except for the situation when you have renounced to the credit request or in case the credit was not granted, in which case the personal data is stored and disclosed to the Participants for a 6 months period.

Your Rights

You have the following rights in regard to the protection of your data:

  • Right to information: your right to receive information on the processing operations performed by us upon your data. The observance of this right is performed by this notification;
  • Right to access: your right to obtain from us a confirmation, whether we are processing or not personal data concerning you and, if yes, access to the concerned data and the supply of specific information on the processing thereof;
  •   Right to rectification: your right to obtain from us, without unreasonable delays, the rectification of inaccurate data concerning you or the supplementation of the personal data, which are incomplete;
  •  Right to data erasure: your right to obtain, without unreasonable delays, the erasure of personal data concerning you, provided the following terms stipulated by GDPR are fulfilled: (i) the personal are no longer necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected or processed by us; (ii) you withdraw the consent granted for data processing based on consent; (iii) you object against the personal data processing performed by us. You may oppose only processing that is legally based on the accomplishment of our legitimate interests, for which we have no legitimate interests and reasons that would prevail in regard to the processing; (iv) your data have been illegally processed by us; (v) your data should be erased for the observance of a legal obligation incumbent on us;
  •  Right to restrict processing: your right to obtain the restriction of subsequent processing in any of the following cases provided by GDPR: (i) you contest the accuracy of the data that we are processing. The processing shall be restricted for a period enabling us to verify the accuracy of the contested data; (ii) The processing of the data by us is illegal and you do not want to erase the data, but only request the restricting of their use by us; (iii) we do no longer need your data, but your request them for the contestation, exertion or defence of a right in court; (iv) you object against processing. In such case, the processing shall be restricted for the time interval in which should be verified whether our legitimate rights prevail upon your rights. If you obtained the restriction of processing, you shall be subsequently informed by us, before lifting the processing restriction.
  •  Right to data portability: your right to obtain from us personal data concerning you and which you delivered directly to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as the right that such data should be transmitted to another controller, when the technical means enable this. You may exert this right only when the processing relies on your consent or when the processing is performed by automated means.
  •   Right to object: your right to object due to reasons related to the particular circumstance you are undergoing, against the processing performed by us, having as legal grounds the accomplishment of our legitimate interests.  If you object against such a processing, we shall no longer process the personal data, unless we can prove that we have legitimate and imperious reasons justifying the processing and prevailing upon your interests, rights and freedoms or that the purpose is the assessment, exertion or defence of a right of ours in court.
  • The right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling (any automated processing using personal data to assess certain personal issues of yours, such as the payment conduct, the financial standing, the conduct in traffic etc.), having legal effects concerning you or similarly affecting you to a significant degree.

In order to fulfil the above requirements, we shall be allowed to request additional information necessary to confirm your identity. After your identification, we shall remit a reply to your request transmitted in view of exerting the above rights, within a term of maximum one month as of the date of receiving the request.

For the exertion of the above rights, you can remit a written application (i) by e-mail at the address: protectiadatelor(kwfat)porschebank(kwfdot)ro, or (ii) by mail/courier at the following address: Bulevardul Pipera nr. 2, cladirea Porsche Bank, cod postal 077190, Voluntari, or (iii) directly, by submittal at the headquarters of the companies from the Porsche Finance Group, at the reception desk, as the address Bulevardul Pipera nr. 2, cladirea Porsche Bank, cod postal 077190, Voluntari.

For exertion of the above rights in relation to Biroul de Credit, you can exercise these rights as follows: (i) right to access, by written application, signed, remitted by post to Biroul de Credit or by secured access to Biroul de Credit website ( or by direct contact to the Participant Porsche Bank (as creditor or potential creditor), by using the contact means detailed above. You have also the right to obtain, by request, together with the financing decision, a copy of the Credit Report used by Porsche Bank during the analysis of your credit application. (ii) the right to data correction, the right to data deletion, the right to data restriction, the right to oppose to data processing can be excreted by secured access through the website of Biroul de Credit ( or by direct contact to the Participant Porsche Bank (as creditor or potential creditor), by using the contact means detailed above.

You are also entitled to submit a complaint with the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing, at the address Bld. G-ral Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, cod postal 010336, Bucharest, Romania, telephone: +40318059211, e-mail:


Last, but not least, for questions regarding the information comprised in this Notification, you can contact the Data Protection Officer appointed by us, at the e-mail address: protectiadatelor(kwfat)porschebank(kwfdot)ro.

For information on data processing within the System of Biroul de Credit, you can addess the e-mail address: rpd(kwfat)birouldecredit(kwfdot)ro

Data protection on our webpage

The protection of your private sphere during the use of our webpage is for us an issue of utmost importance.  Therefore, we further notify you in detail about the processing of the personal data by this interaction means. Liable for data protection in regard to this webpage are the companies of the le Porsche Finance Group, i.e.: Porsche Bank Romania SA, Porsche Leasing Romania IFN SA, Porsche Mobility SRL, Porsche  Broker de Asigurare S.R.L. and Porsche Versicherungs AG Salzburg - Sucursala Romania. At the use and processing of personal data, we strictly observe the legal provisions on data protection.

This notification regarding data protection is applied only for the webpage and, as well as for the related sub-domains, but not also to the sites controlled or operated by third parties. Please, verify the policies and notifications on the protection of the data related to the webpage controlled or operated by third parties, as such are not under our control and we assume no liability for the content and for their measures regarding data protection.

Data security

For the protection of your data on our webpage, we took technical and organizational measures to protect such, especially against the loss, handling or unauthorized access. The taken measures are verified on a regular basis and constantly adapted to the current state of the art.

Collection and processing of personal data

Data supplied by you

The personal data are processed by us according to the legal provisions in force regarding data protection. If your exchange correspondence with us or if you fill in a form with personal data by our webpage, please consider that the data provided by you in the concerned form shall be processed for the purposes described below or for the purpose of processing a contact request, for the closing and execution of a contract, to perform the pre-contractual formalities on your request respectively.

If on using an offered service, you are requested to insert your personal data, the correlation of your personal data with the data from the accessing protocol by the IP address (collected anyway in anonymized form) in order to profile a user with personal data is excluded.

Data collected by us

If you visit our webpage, the data are registered automatically by means of cookies. For more information on the cookies used on our webpage, see the title Use of Cookies.


Porsche Bank Romania SA, Porsche Leasing Romania IFN SA, Porsche Mobility SRL, Porsche Broker de Asigurare S.R.L. and Porsche Versicherungs AG Salzburg - Sucursala Romania do not perform all personal data processing by this webpage under an own regime, but they benefit of support from specialized partners, namely Porsche Informatik GmbH cu sediul in 5020 Salzburg, Vivid Planet Software GmbH with the registered office in 5302 Henndorf am Wallersee, acting based on the orders received from us.

Our partners are carefully selected and they ensure by proper technical and organizational measures the processing of your data according to the applicable legal provisions on data protection and ensuring the observance of your rights. Partners are interdicted to use personal data to which they have access based on the authorizations received from us, for own or business purposes or transmit such to third parties.

In what cases are we allowed to collect data by our webpage?

Request of offers

In case of request offers to dealers for a certain car brand, the data indicated by you in the form I Want an offer are processed by us in view of processing the application for the request of offers and contacting you in this view. For such purpose, the data indicated in the form, are remitted to the concerned dealers for the above scopes.

General request

Irrespective whether you are or not our client, you can remit to us any request by our webpage, by inserting your contact data in the form General Request. We shall process your data in order to solve your request and to contact your for such purpose.

Request of fast contacting

If your are already our client and wish to be contacted fast in regard to varied issues on the execution of the contact concluded with us (for example, to receive general information on the concluded contract, to activate the internet banking service, for clarifications regarding the standing of payments/invoices etc.), you can do this by filling in the form Call me back and we shall contact you immediately to solve your request.

Proposals and suggestions

Our constant interest is to offer to current or potential clients financing products and offer insurance adapted to their needs. We are therefore interested to receive any proposals and suggestions you may have in regard to our products and services. You can do this by filling in the form Proposals and Suggestions and we shall use your data to analyze the received proposal or suggestion and to contact you, if the case may be.

Insurance complaints

You can remit in writing to Porsche Asigurari or Porche Broker any complaints you may have in regard to the CASCO or RCA policy, by filling in the forms CASCO Complaints (for Porsche Asigurari) and CASCO or RCA Complaints (for Porsche Broker). We shall process your data filled in by the forms in order to solve your complaint and to contact you for such purpose.

Request of car insurance for cars purchased with cash

If you wish a car insurance offer for a car purchased with cash, irrespective whether you are or not our client, you can transmit to us an offer request by filling in the form Car Insurance Offer for Cars Purchased with Cash. We shall process your data filled in by the forms in order to process the request and to contact you in view of transmitting an offer.

Online Damage Notification

You can notify a new damage online to Porsche Asigurari, by filling in the 'Online Damage Report' form and attaching the needed documents so that a new file can be opened (photos of the damaged vehicle, ID and driver's license copies, police report/ amicable settlement form, other documents). We will process the data you fill in the form to solve your request and to contact you in order to schedule a damage evaluation.

We kindly ask you not to set at our disposal in the transmitted or uploaded documents categories of data of special nature, such as, for example, concerning the membership in a labour union or data on the health condition.

For how long do we store your data on our webpage?

We shall store your data for a term of 30 (thirty) days as of the collection date and then your data shall be erased from our webpage.

Your rights on personal data protection

As a data subject according to the provisions of GDPR, the rights regarding the protection of the personal data described in the above section Your Rights shall be fully applicable, inclusively for personal data collected and processed by the webpage.

 Use of Cookies

What is a Cookie?

 A Cookie is a small text file saving internet settings. Almost every webpage uses such technology. This is downloaded by your internet browser at the first accessing of a webpage. At the following accessing of this webpage, by the same device, the Cookies and the saved information are either remitted back to the webpage creating them (First Party Cookie) or to another webpage to which they belong (Third Party Cookie). The webpage recognises so that you access the page before by this browser and varies in certain cases the displayed content.

Certain Cookie files are very useful, as they can improve the experience of the user, in case of accessing again the concerned webpage. Provided you are using the same terminal and the same browser as by that time, the Cookie files remember, e.g. your preferences, they communicate how to use a page and adapt the displayed offers according to your personal interests and needs. Most Cookies used by us are automatically erased from your hard disk after finalizing the browser session ("Session Cookies"). Furthermore, we use Cookies that remain on your hard disk also after the finalization of the session. This mainly aims to improve the experience of the user in case he/she accesses the webpage again, by subsequently adapting the webpage to your personal needs, optimizing so the download time.

Your settings for Cookies on this webpage

Cookies that do not need your approval on this webpage


Cookie files that are absolutely necessary, also called "strictly necessary", ensure functions in the absence of which you cannot correctly use the webpage. Such Cookie files are exclusively used by us and they are the so-called First Party Cookies. Such are stored in your PC only for the current browser session. Strictly necessary Cookies warrant, for example, that in case a vehicle configure is accessed, a version is displayed to you that should correspond in view of the dates and band width of your internet connection. Furthermore, such Cookie files ensure, for example, the changing of the page from the http into the https page functionality and the observance of the security requirements in regard to the data transfer. Last but not least, such a Cookie also saves your decision in regard to the use of Cookies on our webpage. For the use of strictly necessary Cookie files, your approval is not requested.

Strictly necessary Cookie Files cannot be deactivated by means of the function of this page. You can anytime deactivate Cookies in general from your browser. See for such purpose the instruction below.

First Party Cookies for which your approval is needed on this webpage

Cookie files, which according to the legal definition are not strictly necessary in order to be able to use the webpage, but which do however fulfil important tasks. Without such Cookie, functions ensuring a comfortable browsing on our webpage, such as, e.g. the previously filled in forms, would no longer be available. The settings you made, such as the language selection, cannot be saved and thus they shout be set against on each page. Furthermore, we are no longer able to present customised offers to you.

Hereinafter are itemized First Party Cookies together with a detailed description:

Name of Cookie file - Webtrekk GmbH (


By means of the Webtrekk services, we collect statistic data by using our webpage. Such data are used to improve and optimize on a permanent basis our webpage and offers, rendering them more interesting for you. The data supply parameters, such as, e.g. the number of users, the use of clicks and the average active stationing duration of the users of the webpage on one page, in order to further improve the webpage by assessing such data. Also to the references URL's is statistically assessed the number of users reaching our webpage from the webpage of partners, in order to be able to understand which of our marketing campaigns awoke your interest for our webpage. Storing term: throughout the session or for certain data for 10 years.

Third Party Cookies for which your approval is needed

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For information on the scope and volume of collecting data and processing and subsequent use of the data by YouTube, as well as in regard to your rights in this view and the configuration possibilities to protect your private space, please see the information on data protection from Google:

Settings of your Cookie files

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■     Firefox, see for such purpose ( Menu - Settings - Data protection - at the Chronicle section, tick "Create settings defined by the user" - at the "Cookies" sections perform the desired settings - confirm

■     Google Chrome, see for such purpose ( hl=en) Menu - Settings - Extended settings - at the "Data Protection" section, click on "Content Settings" - at the "Cookies" section tick the desired fields - confirm

■     Safari, see for such purpose ( Safari - Settings - Data Protection - at the "Cookies and webpage data" section perform the desired settings - confirm

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