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Choose Porsche Finance Group as your business partner and take advantage from the benefits we offer you!

Financial bonus depending on the chosen model and insurer
CASCO through Porsche Asigurari
Model Financial bonus
Caddy 900 EUR
Transporter T6 1100 EUR
Crafter 1400 EUR
Caravelle 1700 EUR
Multivan, Amarok 1800 EUR
California, Grand California 2400 EUR
CASCO through Porsche Broker
Model Financial bonus
Caddy 450 EUR
Transporter T6 550 EUR
Crafter 700 EUR
Caravelle 850 EUR
Multivan, Amarok 900 EUR
California, Grand California 1200 EUR
Up to 3 months grace period

Purchase a car with our current promotion and benefit from the 1 to 3 months grace period for the payment of the capital, either at the beginning of the contract or at any time along its duration.

All you have to do is inform us about your option 5 working days prior to the credit instalment due date / leasing invoice date and make sure that you do not register any payment delays at the time.

Leasing Calculation

Crafter Furgon

Leasing offer
FAST START 2021 Promo
Monthly instalment
311 EUR without VAT(CASCO included)
Contract duration
48 months

*The offer is valid for the acquisition of the new brand models mentioned above, purchased through Classic Financial Leasing, PERFECT LEASING or Credit. In order to take advantage of the financial bonus, the financing period should be at least 24 months and the CASCO insurance signed through Porsche Broker.

*The offer is addressed to legal entities and is valid until 30.09.2021.

*The offer cannot be cumulated with other ongoing promotions.

Sales consultants are happy to help you with a tailored offer.