Calculation Example for Volkswagen e-up! Entry

Monthly instalment PERFECT LEASING: 100 EUR CASCO and VAT included for e-UP! Entry 4 doors, 83 CP worth 13.527 EUR VAT included (with the REMAT ticket and eco-ticket deducted), downpayment 3.652 EUR, contract duration 24 months, 15.000 km/ year, variable interest rate EUR 3,90%, total DAE 11,44%, file analysis fee 238 EUR for individuals, total amount payable 15.675 EUR. All values include VAT, CASCO insurance through Porsche Asigurari.

Exchange rate used for REMAT ticket and eco-ticket: 1 EUR = 4.90 LEI.

*The offer is valid until 30.09.2021, it's addressed to individuals and legal entities and cannot be cumulated with other ongoing promotions.

*The offer is valid for the purchase of new models through PERFECT LEASING in EUR with downpayment - 25%, annual mileage - 15.000 km and contract duration - 24 or 36 months. CASCO insurance signed through Porsche Broker.

** The offer is valid exclusively for certain VW e-Up! Entry model codes. Please contact any Volkswagen authorized dealer for further details.