Catch our new Porsche Approved financing offer!

If you are a legal entity, you now benefit of reduced interest rates to finance your young used or second hand Porsche.


Offer's benefits:

  • reduced interest rates - in EUR 3,49% floating interest rate
  • 6 months free CASCO through Porsche Asigurari

Leasing Calculations

Macan T

Leasing Offer
Porsche Approved
Classic Financial Leasing
Monthly instalment
1.177 EUR VAT and CASCO included
25% (20.750 VAT included)
Contract duration
60 months

*The offer is valid for the purchase of Young used cars and Second Hand Porsche models (Taycan model is included) through Classic Financial Leasing in EUR, product from Porsche Leasing Romania IFN S.A. The offer implies a minimum financing period of 36 months and the CASCO insurance is signed through Porsche Asigurari.

*The offer is addressed to legal entities and is valid until 31.10.2022.

*The offer cannot be cumulated with other ongoing promotions supported by Porsche Leasing Romania IFN S.A.

Sales advisors of authorized dealers are waiting for you in the showroom for personalized offers. The monthly rates mentioned represent a calculation simulation based on a recommended selling price. The final sales price is set by the dealer based on its own commercial policy. The dealer is free to grant any additional benefits or discounts based on its own commercial policy.