Additional Services Complete the chosen maintenance product with additional services.


What if you could pay a monthly fixed instalment which would include additional car related costs, not just maintenance? The additional services we offer together with any of our maintenance products take away your worries about tyre changes, road tax or even fuel cash payments in the tank stations. 

Fuel Management


The following services are included:

  • fuel tanking without cash payments
  • fuel card, based on which tanking is done
  • collection and control of fuel invoices
  • monthly reporting on fuel consumption and mileage
  • monthly invoicing

Tyre Management


The following services are included:

  • winter/summer tyre purchase
  • seasonal or tear change 
  • tyre hotel
  • collection and control of supplier invoices
  • monthly invoicing

Road tax


Forget about the road tax: we purchase it for you each year, over the entire contract duration and you pay it in the monthly instalment. 

Good to know:

  • You can add any or all of these services to the chosen maintenance product: SERVICE, topSERVICE or Maintenance PRO.
  • You can choose any or all of these services even for just one car, as a private person
  • Additional services are included in the fixed mobility services instalment which you pay monthly.
  • You avoid unexpected payments and can easily budget your car related costs. 
  • You enjoy continuous, efficient mobility over the entire contract duration.

Are you a fleet client?

Do you own a car fleet and need full service fleet management solutions?  You can find all related details on our fleet management solutions here.

Are you interested in our maintenance products with additional services?

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