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Maintenance PRO The complete maintenance and service product.


Do you represent a legal entity and your car fleet needs to be ready to go at all times, in perfect technical and safety conditions? Are you interested in a full service maintenance product, so that service works are included without additional worries on your side? Then our Maintenance PRO product is the perfect solution - we take care of your fleet's maintenance and you win valuable time for your business.    

Services included:

  • All elements of the topSERVICE product
  • Engine repairs
  • Any service operations (spare parts and labour) which result from normal tear and which are not part of the topSERVICE product

Good to know:

  • The Maintenance PRO product addresses legal entities
  • You can add the Maintenance PRO product to any of our financing products 
  • The monthly instalment is fixed over the entire contract duration 
  • You avoid unexpected payments and can easily budget your car related costs 
  • Service works are done only in authorized workshops, with original spare parts 
  • You can add additional services to the chosen maintenance product
  • You can choose the DINAMIC settlement and combine the advantage of fixed monthly instalments with a final cost settlement at the end of the contract. 

Are you interested in our Maintenance PRO product?

Contact one of our authorized dealers for an offer.